We used to have regular (more or less monthly) events that parents knew were this likely to come back?

Mon 28 Jan    Splish Splash Day    

Togs and towel required for a wet and wild afternoon.       


Tue 25 Feb    Sports Day    

Yoga, gymnastics, athletics, soccer, and more. Make sure you wear your sporty outfits today.       


Wed 26 Mar    Wheels Day    

Bring along your wheeled toys - bikes, trikes, scooters, skateboard, pram, favourite car, etc.       


Thu 24 Apr    Topsy Turvy Day    

A day devoted to silliness. Where things can be inside out, back to front, upside down, or in the wrong place entirely.       


Fri 30 May    Peter Pan day    

A day of daring adventures with peters, pirates, fairies, crocodiles and lost boys.       


Mon 23 Jun    Letter Costume Day    

Children to dress up in a costume starting with a particular letter of the alphabet. Eg. F = frog, fireman, fairy. The letter will be chosen closer to the time.       


Mon 23 Jun    Movie Fundraiser    

'What We Do In The Shadows' at the Roxy, Miramar at 8.15. Tickets $20       


Tue 29 Jul    Pyjama Day    

Everyone is invited to come dressed in their PJs, and have a special breakfast morning tea.       


Wed 27 Aug    Vege Soup Day    

Everyone is asked to bring in a vegetable, we will all work together to make a yummy vege soup.       


Mon 28 Sep    Colour Day    

Closer to the time we will pick a colour which will be the theme for the day. Dress up in the colour, paint using the colour, eat foods which are the colour etc.       


Fri 31 Oct    Family & Friends Day  

 Children can invite special family members or friends to come and join us for afternnon tea prepared by the children.       


Mon 24 Nov    Teddy Bears' Picnic    

Teddies, soft toys, and dolls are invited to a special afternoon.     

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